Thursday, February 19, 2009

an update for you!

Hello ladies!

Just thought I'd update you on my life. I have switched from writing news for the newspaper to just taking pictures, because it's at least 50% more awesome. I am working on a video for the STA World Traveler Internship Application, within which I am including testimonials. I wish I could get some from you guys. Well, actually, if you would like to film yourself saying a few sentences about me (and why I'm awesome, why I'd be a good traveler intern, whatever you want) or whatever you like, you can and e-mail me the file, if you want to be included in my video! The application's due March 8, so it'd need to be soon.

Let's see, I just had 2 midterms... ugh. I have 2 more in 2 weeks, then it's Spring Break! I've got no idea what to do for it. Ideas?

Soon, very soon, I will be adding to Youtube an amazing video of me juggling and hula hooping simultaneously! It's totally for real, I'll link you to it.

I miss you guys a lot. I wish we were all a lot closer together.

I've got a phone interview tomorrow for a horseback riding instructor job at a summer camp in northeast Pennsylvania. It would be June to August. Still hoping for the EPA job though.

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