Friday, December 19, 2008

Me too, me too!

Man, I love blogging. Thanks for giving me another excuse to blog, Rachel!

Life after New Zealand is boring as. I have nothing to do but sleep, search for a job (slowly) I found an apartment in Koreatown (slightly north and west of Downtown Los Angeles). It's two bedrooms and I'll be living there with Jonathan, my bff. I spent some time in LA last week, where I lunched with Gavin in beautiful "Monrovia." It was a good time! I've spent the last couple of days in San Francisco, making my sister entertain because I am SO bored in Yuba City. Fortunately, people in college are done with school today, so my friends will be home to play with me. Hannah is hopefully going to come visit me between Christmas and January 3rd-ish, and I am very excited! I'll have to find something cool for us to do for New Year's Eve.

What else is dog is fat...I'm obsessed with big, ugly sweaters and leggings right now. In other words, I look like I belong in a different ugly decade, or maybe like Lindsay Lohan. Most would not consider either of these things to be good.

I'm hopefully going to be able to have dinner with Becky on January 6th, when she has a lengthy layover at LAX. It turns out we might actually see each other, you guys! I mean, I've already seen Gavin, I'm going to see Becky and Hannah...Rachel and Michelle saw each other. So, you know--awesome!

I'm looking forward to going back to LA, finishing college, and finding some super sweet job, and then moving back to New Zealand. I still plan on doing that, you know.

The current boy situation is--nil. Wah WAHHHHHHH. Oh well, I guess we all saw that coming. Life goes on.

Alright, enough blogging. I'm going blog crazy. MUST STOP.



  1. big ugly sweaters are awesome. and so are fat dogs. ahh i'm jealous you get to see hannah... you guys are gonna have an awesome time :)

    love you!!

  2. Ohhh!!!1 Yay! this is awesome! I miss you girls. I am going to blog now or soon! xoxo