Sunday, December 21, 2008

Okay. Real post this time

Sunday morning, totally snowed in--let's do a little life-updation. =)

What Amy said... life is mad boring nowadays. To pass the time, I got an internship! It's with a PR company that does those lifestyle segments on those morning news shows (i.e. Good Morning America) titled "What to Wear to the Beach" or "Gifts for Kids this Xmas"--you know, where a woman advises the audience on what products to buy while pointing to said products on a table next to her. My job mostly consists of answering phones, packaging things, and buying Black Forest Ham sandwiches for employees. I have a lot of down time and the people are incredibly nice, but I'm not sure if PR is what I want to do for a career. Either way, it's a really good experience and it gives me an excuse to spend time in the city and do cool stuff like find delicious cheesecakes, visit sex museums, and meet up with Rachel :D

When I'm not there Monday-Wednesday, I'm hanging out at home with way too much time on my hands. Longest. Winter. Ever! It's been snowstormin' in the Northeast, so even seeing my high school friends has been difficult. I got to see a bunch of them last night, though. Two of my friends returned from their exchange programs last Wednesday, and hearing them talk about their experiences brings me back to when I just got home in mid-November. It feels like it's been forever since our semester abroad... there's only a month of break left! I don't really want to go back to school and be stressed out again.

Miss you all! And I crave Caramel TimTams every day. Btw, I tried the TimTamSlam with a Starbucks cappuccino a little while ago... it was absolutely as orgasmic as they all say!


  1. Michelle, I MISS YOU. I have an idea: Don't live on the East Coast. Gosh, I'm brilliant.


  2. Did you go to the Sex Museum? I thought it was brilliant.

  3. amy: you could just not live on the west coast. orrrr.... we could just compromise and live in new zealand :]

    rachel: haha yeah, i did! imo the animal exhibit was the best. how can you not love panda porn?

  4. I know I love panda porn. And living in New Zealand is an intriguing idea...

  5. i want to live in new zealand!
    i'm definitely seriously thinking about doing grad school there..

  6. PANDA PORN?! Okay, I am SO coming to New York!

    And yeah, I think it's decided that we all just need to move to New Zealand. I'm in, who's with me?

  7. I'd love to! I'm dreaming of a working holiday thing... I don't know, though. There is the whole wanting-to-maintain-my-relationship-with-Jeff, and living in NZ might not make that easy/possible. We're toying with the idea of doing the JET program together after I graduate (that's teaching English in Japan). Anyway if that happens and you all are in NZ I might be more able to come visit!!! But who knows what the future will hold...