Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in Los Angeles

Hey people, keep writing! I shouldn't keep writing when no one else is, but I just feel like blogging!

I moved back to LA yesterday and I'm very excited about it. I'm living in Koreatown (a neighborhood in Los Angeles) in a two-bedroom apartment with my best friend of over ten years, Jonathan. It's a nice place, newly remodeled with two parking spaces in a garage and a dishwasher (the two major selling points for me). The only poopy part is that our bedrooms are adjoined, so one of us has to walk through the other's bedroom to get to the rest of the apartment or to their room. I chose to be the intrudee, not the intruder, so Jonathan has the privacy, but has to walk through my room to get places. We decided this because A. I keep weird hours; B. I pee frequently until I can fall asleep. It's nice to be back in a city, and I look forward to school starting and life starting. Right now, I'm just busy with moving, unpacking, cleaning, and figuring out what necessities I don't have and running to Target to get them. Grocery shopping is on tonight's agenda.

I get to see Becky Clarkson tomorrow! She has a long layover at LAX and I am going to meet her for dinner or something of that nature. I'm pretty excited, it'll be nice to see her.

I had a wonderful time with Hannah during her visit! I felt bad because there is really nothing to do in Yuba City, so I am pretty sure she was bored, but we watched a lot of SATC and went Yuba City bar-hopping, which is creepy and entertaining. I miss her already!

Okay, enough indulgent blogging. I want to hear from all of you! I miss you guys!


  1. sounds awesome :) god i can't wait to get my own apartment. i think i'm turning increasingly domestic, the prospect of decorating and furnishing my own place seems SOOO fun haha. i'm excited for you!!

    and i saw fb pics of you and hannah -- cuuute :]

  2. I kind of want an apartment too... hopefully I'll get one this summer in DC and maybe, if all goes well and Jeff is working there too, we'll get one together! (I know all your cautions about that, Amy, but I feel good about it.)