Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life in Los Angeles

So, I'm getting pretty settled into this new chapter of my life. I just finished my third week of classes: Ethnographic Methods, Visual Anthropology: Stills, Documentary Film and Video, Stress Management for Healthy Living, and Postmodern Hollywood. I like all my classes so far, sans ethnographic methods, where my bitchy, snob of a professor ruins my every Tuesday.

I have two jobs! I just landed a hostess/events receptionist type person position at Lucky Strike Lanes, a swanky, "upscale bowling alley and lounge" in Downtown Los Angeles. It's a pretty sweet place and the people there seem very cool. Apparently it's been voted the place with the hottest staff in LA. I had to send in a picture with my resume--somehow this makes me feel really bad about the superficial establishment I work for, but also, it makes me feel awesome. Yikes.

I am also going to usher whenever I can at concerts at a couple of music venues. Between two jobs and 18 units, I should be pretty damn busy, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

I had chai latte boba tea with Brianna the other night. It was really great to see her and for us to talk about New Zealand and how much we miss it. She and Gus are seeing it through, which is great. Also, I'm going to be on the NZ panel at a study abroad panel-y dinner thing tomorrow evening. I'll take any opportunity to talk about New Zealand.

I'm glad you guys are still missing it so much. I'm still incredibly homesick for NZ and want to go back. I was just so damn happy there. It's not that I'm unhappy here, just not as happy. Sometimes I worry I'll never feel as full and happy and complete as I did in Dunedin again. Then I remember happy things for my future, like weddings and babies and fruitful careers, and I think those things will outshine studying abroad. But at this point, New Zealand represented the absolute best time in my life.

In short, I miss you guys like whoa and wish I had a time machine.

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  1. ugh ethnographic methods sounds like a suck class anyway (I'm taking History of Anthropological Theory which I am already HATING). The others sound cool! My brother is taking a stress management class at community college. Actually I only like 2 of my classes, food and drink in the ancient world and white water canoeing.

    I don't have a job but just noticed the service on campus that drives drunkies around from off-campus parties is hiring, and I am somewhat considering applying (it would take away one night each weekend I worked but you only have to work 2 weekends a month). Sounds like you are quite busy! And obviously you're totally hot, you'll make that bowling alley staff way hotter.

    Yay, Brianna! Aw, her and Gus! That's awesome. God, I miss New Zealand. My mind is scheming, thinking things like, why don't I get an internship there this summer? But I can't afford it.

    I compare everything to Dunedin all the time! I don't feel like being back and being in classes. I feel like traveling! But I am so happy to be back with Jeff. Besides the Jeff (and other friends) part, I am feeling really restless.

    And I miss you guys so much! Argh.

    Amy, I was looking up flights to California and it's possible to get a round trip from the local airport to LAX for about $200 depending on when it's for. I am so tempted to come out there. If that's still the case for summer, I will almost certainly be able to come out for a road trip :D