Friday, January 16, 2009

The Long Break is coming to an end

Hey guys!

So our long break is nearly over (all the way over for some). I go back to school Sunday and start class next Wednesday. Developments: I'm writing for the Flat Hat, the #1 student newspaper on campus this semester. I got an interview at the EPA for a sweet summer job. I turned 21!!! And I went on a cruise with Jeff.

The cruise was amazing. It was to the Bahamas for 4 nights on Royal Caribbean. We stopped in Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean owned island) and Nassau. It was sooo touristy but once you got over that, tons of fun. There was a rock wall; Jeff and I did a speed climbing competition. I won the women's! We did trivia, karaoke, went to shows, ate tons of amazing food! It was 80 degrees every day. There were towel animals in our room nightly. We gambled in the casino - Jeff came out a dollar ahead, and I lost about a dollar. On Coco Cay we explored and beached it. There were wild chickens and iguanas. Nassau is the most tourist-centered place I've ever been in my life. Several blocks near the port are just jam-packed with duty free booze and jewelry stores. We found a cool 18th century fort and climbed on it. There was a cool staircase known as the Queen's Staircase up to the fort that was by a waterfall. We met some other cool people, and overall it was great. Cruises seem to me a great value and just fun and relaxing. There's tons of things to do and all the food you can possibly eat (they told us how many meals they make a day... it averages out to 6 per person!). So go on a cruise, is what I'm saying.

So basically... I've been great!

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