Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey. Haven't written in a while... today's my last day at work! I don't think the job affected me too much over the last few weeks so I'm not sad about leaving that, but I'm definitely going to miss being in the city. I could totally see myself living here in the future--most days after work I meet up with friends, go shopping, or go searching for some yummy food--something I can't do while I'm in the suburbs. Last night I went out for drinks and ramen with my friend and his family friends, and well... suffice it to say, it took me nearly three hours to get home afterwards. =)

I miss you all!! My boss's husband is a Kiwi and I looooove his accent haha. How did everyone spend their New Year's Eve/Day? Random meme:

In 2008, I gained: some self-confidence!
I lost:
a sense of where home is.
I stopped: practicing ballroom (after I left school in May)
I started: learning the guitar, yo.
I was hugely satisfied by: my study abroad experience.
And frustrated by: the schoolwork that came with it.
I am so embarrassed that I: cried in front of my project advisor that one time *cringe*
Once again, I: had the best year of my life thus far :D
Once again, I did not: correct my circadian rhythms
The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is: short straight-permed hair and less baby fat in my face
The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this December is: I no longer hate myself yay!
I loved spending time: meeting new people and seeing incredible new places.
Why did I spend even two minutes: being an anti-social loser locked up in my room "studying" when I was never studying in the first place?
I should have spent more time: spending time with my awesome friends.
I regret buying: scones and savoury muffins like, every day in nz *pokes stomach*
I will never regret buying madd expensive plane tickets to nz and all around Southeast Asia even though with that money I could have helped pay my extravagant tuition bill.
I drank way too much.
I didn’t call my parents enough.
The long-distance relationship drove me crazy.
The most relaxing place I went was Pulau Redang in Malaysia, hands down. White sands, the endless swimming pool that is the ocean, and the boy
Why did I go to Columbus for the Ohio Star Ball? I wasn't even competing...
The best thing I did for someone else was grow up for them.
The best thing I did for myself was travel alll over the world.
The best thing someone did for me was forgive me.
The one thing I’d like to do again, but do it better, is life. I would like to Life better.

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